Each next new procedure -10%

Eyebrows Natalja Y. Anastasia K.
Eyebrow hair imitation.
Shading with hair-imitation.
3D-volume – using 3 or more shades.
450 €

230 €

Eyes Natalja Y. Anastasia K.
Full lasheffect by adding. pigment to the border of the lashes.
Classic liner-line effect .

In addition:
Bottom eyelid.
Shine technique – toning the inner corner of the eye.
Smoky line by using one colour.
Shade effect by using 2–3 colours.
Lash line + liner.
Lash line + liner + bottom eyelid.
200 - 320 €

130 €

Lips Natalja Y. Anastasia K.
Giving a sharper contour by using natural shades.
Contour with shading.
Aquarelle technique – light shading without contours.
3D visual enhancement by using 3 or more shades.
Full pigment coverage.
280 - 360 €

210 €

Anti-age technique – permanent make-up for eliminating age-related features Natalja Y. Anastasia K.
Correction of age-related features on lips (filling the lines).
Lightening below the eyebrows – lifting effect.
Correction of the eye corners.
170 € 170 €

Correction of permanent make-up Natalja Y. Anastasia K.

During the first 6 months.

Maintenance within 1 year.

Maintenance within 2 years.
Renewal of the permanent make-up after 2-3 years = the price of the new procedure.

150 €



200 €

100 €


150 €

Decorative permanent make-up  Natalja Y. Anastasia K.
Pattern tattoo using a white shade.
Decorative birthmark.
от 85 €
50 €

50 €

Aesthetic permanent make-up Natalja Y. Anastasia K.
Covering head scars.
Adjustment of the shape of the nipple (areola).
Men’s permanent make-up–creating an optical illusion of hair.
Correction in 2–3months.

от 200 €

от 100 €
85 €


Removal Natalja Y. Anastasia K.
Removal of the permanent make-up by using Rejuvi.

70 €

70 €

Lottery wins and gift card procedures are valid for exactly one year. Their price will remain the same as when the lottery was won, or when the gift card was purchased.

If the person who won the lottery or the gift card owner is not able to come in for the procedure or if the beautician discovers some contraindications, (s)he may choose someone else to undergo the procedure. /p>

The beautician reserves the right to refuse to carry out the procedure and offer the procedure to others, in compliance with professional ethics and the studio’s general rules.

All consultations are free of charge!

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